When you read the book of Acts you find that the apostle Paul and his group on their missionary journeys returned to the places where they had established congregations of the Lord's church and appointed elders in every congregation.  You can find God's qualifications for elders and deacons in the book of 1 Timothy 3: 1-13.

We are blessed to have  qualified elders and deacons in our congregation  who see to the needs of our congregation. 

Click here to find out about our elders.

Click here  to find out about our deacons. 

When you click on any of their names you will find a short biography for each one. 

There is also contact information for each one. Please feel free to contact any of them if you have any questions about the church.

  1. Ladies Bible Class (Zoom)
    6/18/24 10:30am
  2. Bible Study
    6/19/24 09:30am
  3. Bible Study
    6/19/24 07:00pm
  4. Bible Study
    6/23/24 09:30am
  5. AM Worship
    6/23/24 10:30am
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