Learning On The Right Level...

Every Sunday and Wednesday we are happy to offer Bible classes for all ages. In each of our classes you will find well prepared teachers who love the truth and love students.

1. Kids Curriculum
We have a very exciting Bible class experience for children from Kindergarten through sixth grade. We have many experienced Bible class teachers as well as public and private school teachers in our congregation and many of them are developing children’s classes based on a chronological study of the Bible. Not only do our children learn the Bible “stories” but they learn how to apply these principles to their lives. These lessons are reinforced with many age appropriate games and activities. We would love to have your children join us!

2. Jr. High and High School Curriculum: "Get Them Talking"
Our young adults class guides students through important conversations about God, His commandments, and how to make personal application of God's word in their life. They cover everything from how to be saved by Jesus Christ, to God's wisdom for daily challenges such as dating, drugs, and family relationships. The "Get Them Talking" series empowers our teachers to open discussions where students feel comfortable to ask questions because they know they will get an honest answer from the Bible. For more information about these classes check out www.getthemtalking.com.

3. Adult Classes: Currently our adult class in the auditorium is being taught by Tommy Hagewood. The subject is "Daniel. God Still Rules in the Kingdoms of Man."

4. Click here for a Bible study outline on the book of John.

Whether studying a specific text or a general topic, our classes are always built around understanding and applying God's word. Bible class provides an excellent opportunity for us to encourage each other to continue to serve God and others in our homes, our jobs, and our communities.
Your children will enjoy learning about the Bible. All our teaching is based entirely on the scriptures.

Even the youngest student benefits from time spent hearing about God's wise plan for his or her life. Each lesson is reinforced with age appropriate material such as worksheets (above) or activity walls (below).

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